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Received my 4 8 oz bottles right on time!!
I am educating and sharing the knowledge for others to receive health benefits from this amazing oil.
My brother has decreased his asthma meds and has weaned himself off of pain meds due to Neuropathy. I know some people are calling "BS" or "Snake oil" but whether it is the oil or the mind over matter effect...I will take it!!! I have seen first hand the difference in him!!!!! I also gave it to my dog who the Vet said needed a $3,000 surgery.... That was a over 6 moths ago :)
You can't just take it for a few days and say it did not help... You have to take your doses consistently!!! It took a month or so to destroy all the toxins in my brother's system!!! He has also lost 30 pounds!!! I too was a nay-sayer.... Until I saw it work on him!!!!

Joy Kinghton- Etsy  July 16, 2015


used for testimonials 35%

I work as a sales manager at a strictly commission based office. Needless to say things get a bit stressful.I started using cannabis oil three weeks ago and I am pleasantly surprised with the way that I have been feeling. It seems to be helping me greatly with my anxiety at the office and at home. My coworkers have even mentioned that it seems that I've been more relaxed and in a better mood recently.I also seem to be having more energy as the days go by. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that wants to try a new product for their ailments. 

David Oropesa



Super quick shipping and was exactly as pictured thanks we will be back!

Glendahayes3-Etsy June 20, 2015


2oz test


I received the item and it is in good condition. I hope it works well. Thank you!

Srstorms- Etsy  June 11, 2015



I purchased this for my dad who has non-hodgkins lymphoma and this has been very helpful. He has symptoms/side affects from cancer treatment and this has been quite useful for a number of them. He has slept consistently for the first tine in months. I will definitely be purchasing from again in the future.

Kate Mazurek-Etsy June 11, 2015



Great product :) ordering again. Thank you

anetab1-Etsy May 19, 2015


Love it, can sleep great at night.

anetab1-Etsy May 19, 2015




Shipped quickly, ordered Friday received Monday along with personal, caring message. Seems to be really helping with nausea from chemo treatments whether affecting cancer or not, don't know yet. Will order more when necessary. Thank you

maggyparker18-Etsy May 19, 2015



I just start using it. I'm MS patient with a lot of pain, hope it make me feel good.

Hilda Nazario-Etsy May 18, 2015



came super fast, thank you!! i love, love this product and intend to keep ordering...great customer service as well...

Christine Rachwal Griffin-Etsy May 14, 2015



thanks for the fast shipping

lisacritzer1-Etsy May, 12, 2015



I bought this for one of my cats, who had a leftover from a nasty abscess on his belly. It would not heal, because the cat kept licking it. Weeks of antibotics did nothing. I could not put a cone on cat, because the cat is semi-feral. I started rubbing a few drops of the oil, twice daily, on the lesion. We are about 2 weeks into the treatment now, and the lesion is about 75% gone. I use this oil as a carrier for a drop of more potent stuff, but I am sure if I used it by itself, the results would have been simialr. Also, my mother in law is getting it, about 8 drops once daily, for the same period of time, and she quit complaining about pain. She's in a nursing home, and she was more often than not on pain killers, that left her mind wandering. Now she's coherent and much more comfortable. Amazing stuff.

Margaret-Etsy May 12, 2015





This is exactly what i needed, a natural product that can work wonders for the body!

kslay14-Etsy May 10, 2015



I purchased this oil on March 15th for my geriatric Bloodhound whose cancer returned after surgery in December. At 13 1/2 years old, another surgery was not a viable option. After doing a ton of research I ordered it, not expecting miracle but thinking it couldn't hurt. After a very hard weekend in which Virgil told us he couldn't go on any longer, the oil arrived. I began feeding it immediately and also applying topically to his oral tumor. Well let me just say it's almost 2 monts later and Virgil is still here with a very good appetite and a new lease on life. Wants to go on walks, happily part of the family. I don't know how it works or how long her has, but I have just ordered another bottle and we are enjoying every extra minute we have with our beloved family member. Thank you Nancy-can't recommend highly enough!:)

Jennifer Miller-Etsy May 4, 2015





Received the oil very fast!! I'm making my father use it everyday since we got it. I'll write an update in a few weeks! Thanks nancy!

Nicola Lozano-Etsy May 2, 2015



I received the product hope it works! Thank you!

Elisa Ursalas Lupu-Etsy April 24, 2015



Quickly shipped. Item as described. I'm benefiting from this product. I will positivetly reorder from this seller.

Janet Cook-Etsy April 16, 2015



Quick delivery...Now, let's see if it helps to stop the progress of possible Parkinsons...Our fingers and toes are crossed with great expectations...Already On many brain supplements and just ordered mucuna pruiens or cowhage: natural L-Dopa extract, which could work synergistically with Cannabis Oil to restore normal brain function! Ommmmmmm :) Thanks to Nancy for immediate & carrying response!

Jo Stewart-Etsy April 14, 2015



arrived quickly, nancy has been very generous w/ her time answering my endless questions!

Alexa Wolf-Etsy April 8, 2015



So far, so good. My dog has cancer and this seems to be helping. 

richn21-Etsy March 3, 2015



Gives me energy, sleeping better, calming..mental clarity. I am also giving it to my dog! Vendor was awesome! Will use her again

Joy Knighton-Etsy March 3, 2015


2oz testimonial size


I have been taking a few drops a day. When I take this I feel more vital. It just creates a calm, productive, healthy presence. I have ADHD and I feel that is some way it helps. I have used teas and other oils before. I am happy with this product. I take 3-5 drops which is a low dose. If it has long lasting health benefits is yet to be determined but I believe in hemp. Product shipped quickly and arrived in good condition.


Bluecrayon777-Etsy January 30, 2015